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December 2014

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Hello! ...

And Welcome To Valerie's Royal Soap.

This year I've spent countless hours watching many YouTube videos and found myself getting inspired by so many good professional soap lovers out there; so I decided to take the same plunge, start a business and create and sell  my very own soap products. After researching different soap making techniques over the last twelve months I can honestly say that this craft is addicting. The more I make soap the more I love it. I can't really explain it but I love making soap.

This week I used my new break-away box and soap cutter that my better half made for me and I love it to pieces. As soon as our soap was ready to remove from the mold I immediately took some pictures of our freshly made marble soap and then uploaded the pictures on my website. We must wait a few more weeks to allow my soap to fully cure but it smells so good I can't wait to perform the PH test, take and examine the reading and then try it on myself.  These bars were made using the CPOP technique so they will be ready to sell much sooner. I am really excited, inspired and motivated to continue building my new soap making business.


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